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PL Electric is the leading supplier of heavy duty starters and alternators in Malaysia which is operated under PL Group of Companies The company was first established as Pang Lian Auto Electric Service in 1979 as an electrical repairing workshop The company soon ventured into wholesale and today the company expands into manufacturing of brand new units PL s manufacturing history started in 2002 when it first stepped into the province of Zhejiang China to produce brand new units In order to cope with the expanding business volume Zhejiang PL Electric Co Ltd was established and moved into its new state of the art facility in Xianju Zhejiang in 2013 At the moment PL has penetrated its good...

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Bobcat Case Alternator

Auto Starter For Daihatsu DV57 128000-5760 428000-7110 lucas starter m45g for Cummins A2J3124 12v 2.5kw tractor starter 96540542 12V 85A chevrolet optra alternator 12V 110A 37300-42356 alternator mando 12V 90A 37300-35900 car generator car dynamo 6632211 55A 12v small alternator for Bobcat car 0124525059 12V 150A 10kva dynamo alternator 230v 0-24000-3051 24V 10T Nikko Type starter motor 12V 100A Alternator 21516 0124415002 0124425022 0124425025 12v AZF3226 starter motor parts for Bobcat 24v 5.4kw 0001416009 automotive daewoo starter motor 24V 11T new starter motors for 0001372006 Self starter parts for John Deere 0001230002 0120469798 volvo truck 24v 55a alternator AAK5565 AAK5376 24V 55A charger 25kw alternator A13N165 DEUTZ 1011 50 rpm alternator generator ZJPL 857633 24V 55A alternator prices 5kva 24V 10T 40mm 128000-9821 Hyundai290 mtz starter motor 2810077090 24V starter motor for Toyota 2D Forklift 

Caterpillar Alternator

12V 70A small low rpm alternator 101211-2740 101210-9000 1012109000 24V 150A alternator 12V 50A A3T03371 alternator for bus 24V 55A car alternator generator for 9W3043 Auto car 24V 80A alternator for 101211-8270 24V 80A low speed car alternator 101211-8400 12V 55A small low rpm alternator 2N7759 24v 120a dc alternator 0124655076 24V 50A low rpm generator ac alternator 6N9294 24V 45A Delco 20SI Alternator 

Daewoo Daihatsu Alternator

300901-00007 30090100007 24V 50A 5kw low rpm alternator 96709645 24V 150A Daewoo Bus alternator 24V 80A Daewoo Bus Alternator RK390045 30090100007 24V 50A Daewoo Doosan D1146T alternator 24V 80A RK390045 alternator for bus 96709645 24V 150A daewoo matiz alternator 2706058210 12V 60A rebuilt auto 20kw alternator 2703054121 12V 65A car motor alternator generator 2703087603 12V 65A Daihatsu DV57 Alternator 27020-54141 12V 65A new premium volt alternator 

Cummins Alternator

8600017 Truck 24V 70A alternator for diesel engine 19010309 12V 130A Delco 22SI Alternator ZJPL 1100168 12V 63A premium 1kva alternator 19011153 24V 100A auto parts alternator Auto generator 12V 135A dc alternator 19011152 50A 220236 4900261 12v small A2300 alternator 24V 70A alternator for diesel engine 8600017 24V 75A 1117238 24v truck 25kva alternator ZJPL original 24v 75a low rpm 1000w alternator ZJPL 24V 110A 110-459 alternator ZJPL 24V 150A 110-431 denso alternator 12v/150a ZJPL 24V 175A 110-258 24v alternator bus 600-861-3420 6008613420 24V 60A PC200-7 Alternator 12V 145A 10459321 marelli 2 kva alternator 

Ford Alternator

9124476607 12V 95A alternator for Ford Transit 9124476607 A003TN1791 A3TN1791 12V 95A alternator mini generator A1T33676 12V 40A alternator ZJPL A2TN3279 12V 60A paris rhone alternator ZJPL A2T72676 24V 30a valeo car Aalternator A3TN1791 12V 95A alternator for Ford Transit A1T71176 original 24v 20a sincro alternator A1T23579 60A 12v sedan japan alternator A2T38776 70A T3500 12v opel 4d56 alternator A1T33676 12V 40A single phase alternator price 

Hino Alternator

27050-1110T 24V 45A Hino Dutro alternator 27040-1591 270401591 24V 40A auto 48vdc alternator ZJPL 27060-2241 24v 80a car alternator generator 24V 45A 27050-1110T Hino Dutro alternator 24v 45a mini generator alternator for HinoWO4 27020-1802 270201802 40A 24v marelli alternator 27040-2220B 102211-0430 24V 50A alternator generator 27040-2220B 102211-0430 50A 24v small alternator 02142-5092 24V 50A auto low rpm alternator 24V 50A 02142-5096 15kva dynamo alternator 

Hyundai Alternator

ZJPL 12V 75A 37300-22020 "24v 75a" car alternator ZJPL 12V 90A 37300-22200 premium new alternator ZJPL 12V 90A 37300-33103 brandnew car alternator ZJPL 12V 110A 37300-42356 alternator mando ZJPL 12V 65A 37300-42804 alternator for perkins ZJPL 12V 90A car generator car dynamo alternator 

Isuzu Alternator

24V 40A 8970466950 car alternator toyota vios ZJPL 12V 80A LR180-512 12v car alternator Low Speed 24V 30A Alternator 8-97022-211-2 0-33000-6542 Auto parts 24V 25A Alternator LR225-85 ZJPL LR160-446 24v 75a alternator generator 24V 50A 181200350 -330005770 low rpm generator A3TN6279 24v 50a low rpm alternator ZJPL 24V 35A A7TA8383 auto alternator 24V 20A LR220-23 car alternator generator ZJPL 24V 40A renewed car 3000rpm alternator 8970222112 0330006542 24V 30A 4BD1T Alternator 24V 25A LR22585 rebuilt car alternator 230v 1kw ZJPL 12V 90A 37300-35900 car generator car dynamo ZJPL 110A 37300-35565 alternator 12v regulator ZJPL "24v 50a" low rpm permanent magnet alternator ZJPL 24V 60A low rpm permanent magnet alternator ZJPL 12V 80A LR180-501 12v car alternator ZJPL 24V 40A 100213-0440 24v 40a car alternator ZJPL 12V 65A LR155-418 12v car alternator generator ZJPL 12V 60A 100213-1650 12v used car alternator 

Iveco Kia Alternator

ZJPL 24V 55A prestolite 10kva generator alternator ZJPL 12V 120A auto alternator 120a ZJPL 24V 90A car alternator ZJPL 24V 120A 100% premium new alternator 

Komatsu Alternator

ZJPL 24V 20A car alternator price ZJPL 24V 40A 24V high quality alternator ZJPL 24V 40A low price alternator ZJPL 24V 13A 24v 13a alternator suppliers ZJPL 24V 40A chery qq auto tractor alternator ZJPL 24V 40A S4D105-3 onyx alternator starter tester ZJPL24V 40A permanent magnet generator/alternator ZJPL 24V 40A S6D95L buick 10kva generator alternator ZJPL 12V 85A 02131-9031 alternator 1000 rpm ZJPL 24V 120A 100% premium new alternator 24V 35A automotive auto parts mini generator Alternator ZJPL 0350004190 24V 50A alternator assy ZJPL 6008613420 24V 60A denso alternator regulator ZJPL 12V 70A LRA461 auto valeo car alternator ZJPL 24V 40A alternator generator 24v ZJPL 12V 110A 100213-2530 permanent magnet alternator 3kw ZJPL 24V 35A PC300-6 auto car 5000w alternator 

Land Rover MAN Alternator

LRA517 alternator for lucas 24v 70a dynamo 24v ZJPL 12V 100A LRB384 lucas auto alternator ZJPL 12V 100A LRB288 3.5kw 200kw alternator ZJPL 100A LRB284 wind alternator 12v 

Lucas Alternator

12V 70A Lucas A127 Alternator ZJPL 12V 70A A028-021 premium lucas tvs alternator 12V 70A alternator for toyota innova ZJPL 12V 70A car starter small alternator ZJPL 12V 70A premium lucas tvs alternator LRA-604 12V 70A A127 lucas alternator ZJPL LRA935 24V 30A permanent magnet alternator price ZJPL 12V 35A LRA-101 12v lucas alternator ZJPL 12V 70A A028-009 alternator for toyota innova ZJPL 12V 70A A028-019 generator alternator daftar harga 12V 70A A028-021 premium lucas tvs alternator ZJPL 12V 70A A127 renewed car lucas alternator Manufacture generator 12V 70A Alternator Manufacture automotiv generator 12V 70A Alternator Factory automoive auto parts alternator ZJPL 12V 70A LRA693 truck kubota alternator auto parts mini generator 12v small alternator auto parts mini generator 12V alternator LRA-693 12v 35A LRA-100 LRA100 mando italy alternator LRA-604 LRA604 12V 70A A127 lucas alternator 

Massey Ferguson Alternator

ZJPL 12V 120A Mercedes engine alternator 24V 120A auto alternator for fit ZJPL 12V 55A man truck alternator 12v 220v ZJPL relay low rpm generator alternator ZJPL Car Alternators Types12V 150A 24V 35A MAN 10.163 Alternator ZJPL 24V 55A 24v 55a low rpm alternator ZJPL low price Lucas alternator for truck ZJPL 0120469982 24V 55A alternator 220v 10kw ZJPL 12V 80A 12v auto truck alternator ZJPL 12V 150A 0124615012 Mercedes alternator 

Mercedes Alternator

0124555002 80A 24V generator alternator price list cheap price 100% genuine starter kit for QD614-N ZJPL 24V 30A A2T72188 alternator 230v price ZJPL 24V 40A lowr fan marine engine alternator 2V 90A rebuilt 12v car 300 amp alternator ZJPL 24V 30A volt prestolite 1.5kw alternator ZJPL 24V 40A 6D14 agricultural brands alternator ZJPL Bosch original alternator ZJPL 12V 120A Bosch rebuilt car alternator ZJPL rebuilt car 110v ac 6kw alternator manufacture automotive 12V 50A Alternator ZJPL low rpm alternator Mitsubishi 12v 75a alternator ZJPL 24V 75A 9120456040 ac Bosch alternator generator 24V 80A 0120468107 low rpm generator alternator 12V 150A 0123520017 car alternators types ZJPL 24V 100A 0124655002 Mercedes alternator 24V 100A 6033 GB3 023 Mercedes alternator 12V 80A 0120469744 12v alternator generator 0120469982 24V 55A Mercedes 1625 Alternator 

Mitsubishi Alternator

ZJPL 24V 80A A6T75586 ac alternator 10kw 24V 35A A3TN5188 car leroy somer alternator Lucas A3TN5883 original 24v 35a alternator 24V 35A A3TA8199 Mitsubishi belt drive alternator 12V 90A A3TA3098A small Mitsubishi alternator Alternator Original 24v 50a alternator generator ZJPL rebuilt 12v car 300 amp alternator 24V 55A alternator 66021507 for Prestolite ZJPL 24V 140A 0120689562 bus engines parts alternator ZJPL 24V 80A 0120468131 high alternator Factor 24V 55A alternator 0120469693 ZJPL A2T72986 24V 30A 6D16 car ac alternator 12V 90A A2T82899A car 300 amp alternator 

Nissan Alternator

24V 40A 23100Z5672 excavator 11kv alternator ZJPL 12V 70A LR170-408 denso alternator rectifier for toyota ZJPL 24V 40A 2310096103 car motor alternator 220v used 23100-96074,2310096074 24V 40A RE8 Alternator ZJPL 2310097068 24V 40A RD8 used alternator 380v ZJPL 2310095015 50A prestolite alternator 24v 24V 40A 23100Z5672 high quality excavator 11kv alternator ZJPL 24V 40A 2310096518 100% premium kaijieli alternator 24V 50A 2310096518 new auto alternator for wind turbine ZJPL 24V 40A LR235-68 high quality generators alternator for sale 23099-96566 ,2309996566 24V 50A PF6TB Alternator 02142 5076 021425076 24V 50A RF8 Alternator 23100-Z5673,23100Z5673 24V 50A FE6 Alternator 02142-5070 021425070 24V 50A FE6 Alternator 24V 35A bushing plastic magneton heavy truck alternator ZJPL 24V 35A bushing plastic magneton alternator 

Toyota Alternator

24v 60a Toyota alternator 2706017120 truck parts 27060-0C02012V Toyota Innova 2.0 hairpin alternator 27060-28341 2706028341 12V 130A Toyota Estima Alternator 27060-20270 sawafuji alternator rectifier for toyota gli small generator 12V 100A Alternator 27060-28260 12V 100A auto parts mini generator alternator 27060-0L021 270600L021 auto hydro alternator 12v 90a car neodymium magnet alternator ZJPL 24V/110A 101211-6300 6kva alternator 2703054243 12v toyota hiace alternator for toyota 

Volvo Alternator

0120 468 135 Bosch 80A Volvo 24v alternator Low Speed 24V 30A Alternator automotive auto parts mini 24V 80A alternator 24V 110A 0124655008 250kw 3 phase alternator 0120469798 volvo truck 24v 55a dynamo prices alternator 24V 110A 0124655008 0986049360 250kw 3 phase alternator ZJPL 12V 120A 0124515004 0124515031 stc alternator ZJPL 12V 100A 0124415009 used forklift alternator ZJPL 12V 85A chevrolet optra alternator a 96540542 

BMW Honda Alternator

ZJPL 0124515050 12V 120A 12v brushless alternator test stand 0986039220 12V 80A 40kw alternator price in bangladesh ZJPL 0986039000 12V 140A chinese 12kw alternator ZJPL 0123515004 12V/140A small size alternator 


Bedford Bobcat Starter

zjpl 12v 2.2kw M2T87271 12v alternator starter motor 24v 1990367 cheap starter cav for 42MT 12V 1.0kW 8T M3T10476 starters for Hyster Forklift zjpl 24v 9.2kw D15E30 valeo starter motor Mitsubishi SERIES STARTER, KUBOTA TRACTOR V3000 12v car starter for Land Rover 2.5L Discovery 12V 2.8kw 10T high quality permanent magnet starter zjpl 28100-E0080 24v 5kw starter S25-110F 24V Starter Hitachi Type For Nissan FE6 Low Power New STARTER Mitsubishi Storm L300 (M) 12v 2.8kw 27543 electrical starter motor hitachi starter parts Isuzu Starter Motor 100% new motor starter for Bosch Mercedes Bosch Type 24V motor starter Starter motor specification 11T 24V 12v 2.5kw 1113285 automatic generator starter 12v 2.5kw 128000-9500 iskra starter motor 12v 2.8kw auto car motorcycle starter motor 12v 3kw utb fiat tractor starter 12v 3.4kw AZF3226 heavy truck starter motor parts 

Cummins Starter

Hot sales 12v 2.5kw A2J3124 tractor starter 

Isuzu Starter

premium new 24V Starter For 6BB1 6BD1 0-23000-1031 Starter motor solenoid engine For 128000-2450 128000-2451 24V 7.0kW 11T 46mm 0-23000-6091 auto parts starters 24V 7.4kW 12T 45mm 0-23000-7061 auto parts starter 24V 3.7kW 11T-40mm S25-163C starter for alien motors 12V 2.2kW 9T-32mm S13-114 factory starter for 4JA1 24V S24-03C starter for electric car NPR 4BD1 24V S25-121 auto starter motor parts for C240 manufacture Bedford starter relay motor S13-121 S13-62 24V 4BC2 NKR NPR replacement parts Starter 8-94333-438-0 6BG1 magneton starter Motor 24V 11T 4.5KW 0-28000-6200 6BB1 Starter assy Motor For DH220-5 Excavator 1-81100-191-0 excavator engine parts starter motor 128000-8064 24V/3.5kW 9T 35mm 0-23000-0031 dynamo starter for 4D95/4BC2 hitachi starter parts 4BD1 With 24V 11T 0-23000-1700 Common auto starter for 4HF1 M8T85372 24V Starter ultimate Hyster Forklift Diesel Engine 128000-0960 chinese durable starter assembly Lester-18449 228000-1890 100% original motor Starter motor 24v 6SD1 128000-4250 24v 5.0kw starter For 6HE1 Starter M8T60971 M8T60972 

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